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A New Kind of Content

Cappricielli TV+

A full-service media channel bringing a variety of content to a worldwide audience. 


It is our mission to provide underrepresented filmmakers with a voice that inspires, informs, and entertains our audience across the globe while connecting us through our common desires, emotions, and experiences. Our stories include love, comedic romance, drama, music, and documentaries from storytellers ranging from emerging to experienced. 


You did it! You completed your film!

But... Now what?

No need to fear! The Cappricielli team is here to answer any questions you have!

Find our FAQs below!

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International Sales Agency

A wide audience reach is accomplished through simultaneous and a variety of DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL licensing streaming services through our premium partnerships. Additional revenue is achieved through Theatrical, DVD/BluRay, Tourism/Flight, and International territories expanding the worldwide reach.  Our relationships are direct as well as in partnership with studios and international distribution partners.

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Why Partner with Cappricielli TV+?

No up-front fees and generous commission split.

We are working with several platform partners with an international reach on SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, including but not limited to over 300 smart TV apps and other distribution partners.


Send your inquiries to

Please include a screener link and a brief description of your project.

Use the subject line *PROJECT NAME - Cappricielli TV+ Acquisitions Inquiry


Maria Capp

Cappricielli, Inc.

International Relations &

Acquisitions Coordinator

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