Dances With Film Festival Interview with Natasha, Raffaela, and Maria Capp for Taking A Chance on Love 

Taking A Chance On Love Film Interview with Maria and Raffaela Capp at Dances With Films Festival

The Donna Drake Show Live it Up with Filmmaker and Writer Maria Capp

Watch Maria Capp talk about how she began in the film industry, upcoming projects, and REACH!

Maria Capp brings insight and personal experience to REACH, a gripping and socially conscious drama now available at a theatre near you!

2019 I Nick R. Murphy

'Reach' producer Maria Capp talks about educating audiences about bullying: "It was a decision to shed light"

The bullying epidemic has reached a tipping point over the last decade. With the dominance of social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok amongst others, bullying is always rising to innovative heights. It takes the relevance of important motion pictures like REACH to shed light on this growing surge of emotional and physical abuse. It is imperative to identify and emphasize with others now more than ever. This is a message that REACH delivers with impactful force.

Oct 17, 2018 I Rachel Windsor

‘Reach’ Screenwriter Trio Talks Process, Democratic Writing, & Cause Films

"It was a decision to shed light and show what it is like to be a teenager growing up today. There is a high number of students who take prescription anti-anxiety, anti-depression drugs whether, for a chronic or acute episode, every family has a range of dysfunction in their family, and most teens either know or know someone who knows someone who has passed away from suicide."  - Maria Capp 

What are your thoughts about the Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why?

What are your thoughts about the Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why? - Total Tutor
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Maria Capp Tackles Suicide & Crisis Intervention in New Production

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